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Note: The syllabus is not completed yet. But if you purchase now, you will get lifetime access to our notes and its updates (Otherwise, only 3 months validity)

About this Programme

We provide in-depth notes (along with mindmaps) that covers the entire NEET syllabus (physics, chemistry & biology) in a systematic manner. Notes are made through the reference from both standard and advanced books and the internet for additional analysis.


  • In-depth Notes: covering the whole syllabus in a systematic and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Interactive Mindmaps: for faster and better learning of concepts.
  • Audio version: You can listen to the life-like audio version of the articles which helps in better learning and retention of information.
  • Add your own notes: on any page by clicking the “Add Notes” button at the bottom. The button will show up after you login.
  • Bookmarks: You can bookmark different pages for later reading.
  • Offline access: Once you open a page online, you can open that page again even without the internet.
  • Dark Mode and Font Resize: Click the Accessibility icon on the top-right corner of any page to use this feature.

How it will benefit you?

  • Big picture – You can take in the bigger picture quickly and easily at a glance with our articles and mindmaps.
  • Better recollection – The visual nature of mindmaps allows for easier recall.
  • Simplification – Mindmaps allow for the simplification of complex relationships between topics.
  • Quick revision – Every point is organized and linked in a way that enables quick revision.
  • Interactive – NE Mindmaps are interactive i.e., you can collapse, expand, navigate around and search for a particular topic inside the mindmap. This provides for the active learning process and you never get bored.
  • Updated – Our contents are periodically updated according to the changing needs of the exam.
  • Question paper-based – Contents are prepared based on solving previous years question papers = high chance of success in the actual examination.
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