[Biology] What is living?


  • The term living is derived from the word “lifende” meaning living or having life.
  • A living thing relates to any organism that exhibits the characteristic of life or being alive.
  • Thus we can define living Things as the organisms which comprise of life and have the ability to eat, grow, respire, reproduce, procure and use energy for the metabolic process.


There are certain characteristics, on the basis of which an…..

[Biology] Kingdom-Protista


  • The Kingdom Protista comprises of eukaryotic protists.
  • Members of this kingdom are typically unicellular and less complex in structure than other eukaryotes.
  • All the members of this kingdom do not share many similarities, but are grouped together because they do not fit into any of the other kingdoms.
  • Some protists are capable of photosynthesis while some live……